Real Estate Bargains in all of Spain direct from the Bank

Asa  partner to several leading Spanish Banks we offer the largest choice of distressed and repossessed properties all over Spain. We are not just a Spanish real estate agency, we work directly for the leading banks and are specialised in promoting bank properties. We have over 30.000 offers all over Spain; from villas located in the Mediterranean Costas, apartments in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, inland Finca’s or houses in the Pyrenees, whether these be existing properties or new developments. Made up out of mostly repossessed and distressed residences, these properties are now offered directly by the bank with huge discounts. This is where you will be able to find Real Spanish Bank Bargains.


What are bank repossessed properties?

Repossessed homes or real estate owned (REO) are properties that have been foreclosed by the Spanish Bank because their owner failed to make payments.

Generally, the Spanish Banks repossess the homes and want to sell them to the general public. As a result the banking companies want to sell these repossessed residences as quickly as possible in order to reclaim money they lost by the delinquent loan, this offers opportunities for new homebuyers and investors. You can buy these bank owned homes with a discount, priced below the actual market value, and negotiate about a tolerate funding.

Why buy direct from Spanish Banks?

We offer you direct access to properties and developments owned by the bank, giving you the inside track to the banks best deals on distressed, repossessed residences in Spain. Every request will go directly to the bank that listed the property to make the perfect deal. The advantages:


The buying process step by step



Using our website you can search for houses throughout Spain. You can search for specific categories like price, property type, surface area, number of bedrooms and location. You can mark the houses you like the most as your favourite. Click on 'more information' and fill in the application form.

Tip: Use our Bargain Alert Service for automatic notifications about the new deals based on your search requests.



Your application will be processed within a couple of days. A professional and authorised bank partner with sufficient knowledge about the area of your choice will review your application. In most cases this employee speaks the language of the applicant.



To get a good impression of the property and the area, it is necessary to make an appointment for a house viewing. Your consultant will take care of this and will inform you about the best preparation: this includes all the requirements for a possible purchase or further information about the residence.



If you want, the bank can provide an offer to finance the purchase of the real estate. To make the deal possible the companies are willing to offer you a very tolerant funding.



The authorised partner guides you in the process of choosing a lawyer, getting an overview of all costs involved, negotiating, formalizing the offer, setting up a private contract, completion at the notary and the registration of the property.


About Us is founded by the online marketing agency Connecting Minds. Connecting Minds is specialized in 'connecting' buyers and sellers of property in Spain. The website focuses only on Spanish properties owned by the bank. 

What makes us different?

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