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The Costa Brava, picture sandy beaches and caves met by blue waters. The coasts are met by a backdrop of pine forests, leaving this particular coast to be proclaimed as one of the prettiest costa of them all. Well developed and equipped to handle its population density all year round, yet still keeping it's peaceful and quiet charm. Ranging from big cities and resorts to small fishing villages and stretching from 60KM (37miles) northeast of Barcelona all the way to the French border. Featuring the famed destinations of ‘Lloret de Mar’ and ‘Palamós’ with it’s shores met by the teal-coloured Mediterranean.The Costa Brava still lives up to it's reputation of being one of the most unspoilt, gorgeous coastlines left in Europe.

Bargain Alert in Costa Brava


For sale Apartment L'escala € 270.000,- R5480

Price € 270.000,-
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For sale House Begur € 270.000,- R5478

Price € 270.000,-
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For sale Apartment L'escala € 128.000,- R 5477

Price € 128.000,-
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For sale Apartment L'escala € 245.000,- R5476

Price € 245.000,-
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For sale Building L'escala € 525.000,- R5474

Price € 525.000,-
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For sale House L'escala € 349.000,- R5473

Price € 349.000,-
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For sale Semi Detached House L'escala € 233.000,- R5472

Price € 233.000,-
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For sale Apartment L'escala € 109.000,- R 5471

Price € 109.000,-
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For sale Apartment Pals € 650.000,- What a huge terrace has this property

Price € 650.000,-
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For sale Apartment L'escala € 160.000,- R5469

Price € 160.000,-
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For sale Semi Detached House L'escala € 185.000,- R5468

Price € 185.000,-
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For sale House L'escala € 549.000,- R5466

Price € 549.000,-
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